Flexible, effective, and affordable pain relief.

Text directly with Dr. Ashley Mak, PT,DPT 24/7. From neck pain, to foot pain, to sciatica. Start with a free call with Dr. Ashley.

*HSA/FSA eligible

"It's the best i've felt in the last 8 months. I finally feel like there's hope for a full recovery!"

-E.E, 35 years old

"Dude! Holy shit, dam near 0 pain get out of bed!"

-J.R, 25 years old

"Thanks for checking in. I feel good. You may have changed my life:)"

-G.S, 53 years old

Recovery on your own terms

  • No wait times = get replies within minutes instead of days.

  • Costs less than the average therapy session, $24.99/week vs $150-300/visit

  • 24/7 follow up = flexible program that changes as you do

  • Focused on making simple and effective changes to your daily routine to get you back on track

How does it work?

Step 1:

Book your free 30 minute call with Dr. Ashley. We'll make a discuss your pain, lifestyle, and a plan designed specifically for you.

Step 2:

Follow through with daily action steps and exercises designed to help you recover from your pain. Our programs are time efficient and effective. Delivered straight to your phone.

Step 3:

Receive 24/7 support from Dr. Ashley to ensure that you make continuous progress.

(Average response time: 15 minutes versus days)


With Daily Updates

You'll receive valuable insights, tips, and guidance directly to your phone or preferred device. These updates are designed to provide you with ongoing support, motivation, and education as you work towards overcoming sciatica.

Patty's success story with the patient advocate program. We helped her pain and sciatica that was affetin

"The night we spoke, you gave me 2 exercises. No joke, that night I got 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, that was a miracle."

Start your recovery immediately.

Meet Dr. Ashley

Since 2012, I've assisted thousands of patients overcome chronic pain. During that time, I recognized the need for a fast, effective, and affordable solution for pain.

The challenge with the current appointment model (in person or virtual) is that you can still only help one person at a time, and follow ups are non-existent. But with the Patient Advocate Program, I'm able to provide quick actionable changes to someone's program at any time, serve more clients, while also saving them money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Patient Advocate Program for?

This program is perfect if you're short on time because of work and/or family responsibilities and are looking for a program that is both convenient and flexible for your joint and muscle pain.

I'm already working with an in person physical therapist, will this program help me?

Absolutely. In fact, we'll help you navigate and understand your condition outside of the clinic to speed up your pain relief. Questions about your exercise program? We'll help you sort that out. Lacking a full understanding of your injury? We'll walk you through your recovery process. Consider us support for you between in person treatment sessions.

I'm already working with a chiropractor, how will this program help me?

Great! We love chiropractic care and glad you're going through it. We'll guide you through the exercises needed to reinforce the positive changes from your visits. Just like if you had an in person therapist, we'll be the support between treatment sessions.

I don't currently have a provider. But I'm in pain, will this still help me?

Yes! During your free 30 minute call, we'll ask you the necessary questions to get a better understanding of your injury. Should you require the assistance of a medical provider we'll direct you to one. If we can help you, we'll start the program!

How does the Patient Advocate Program work?

First, you book a free 30 minute call. Next, you'll be paired with Dr. Ashley via text message or email (whichever you prefer). Feel free to send them your current exercise/mobility routine, and any questions/concerns that you may have. Your advocate will help you navigate your recovery by answering your questions and providing guidance on how you can improve your journey.

What is the cost of the Patient Advocate Program?

The initial call to discuss your needs and goals is free of charge. After that, we'll bill you $24.99 per week. This service is HSA/FSA eligible. You can cancel anytime.

What is the expected response time between me and my advocate?

You will get a response from your advocate within 24 hours, except on Sundays.

What are the goals of the program?

We're here to help you recover. That means we'll provide you the necessary information and action steps to help you heal. Examples include: exercise modification, behavior/activity modification, guidance on questions that you should be asking your provider, and any other relevant information needed to help you on your journey.

How can this program help me save money on healthcare?

This program is designed to help speed up your recovery process by providing the support outside of your treatment sessions costing less than the average in person/virtual session ($200-$300/session). You may not have to go to in person treatments as often because you'll have a plan to follow outside of the clinic. This program can also serve as a helpful maintenance program to help you prevent future injuries, and then serve as the first line of defense when injuries occur.


San Rafael, California 94901



San Rafael, California 94901